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Deadline Madness

Somehow it seemed like a good idea at the time. When my editor asked me when I could have my next book ready, I told her February 3rd. Sure my first book’s release day was February 4th, but how much work could that be? Well, with publicity, a blog tour, giveaways and everything else that goes with a debut novel, the answer proved to be – a lot!

So to say that this is a hectic, busy time for me is a bit of an understatement! Yesterday my son said to me, “Mommy, I don’t want you to have any deadlines, anymore.” And it inspired me to steal a few minutes to write this silly poem, looking at all of this chaos from his point of view. Enjoy!

Mommy is Missing

When Mommy’s on deadline she doesn’t look right,
Her hair is all messy, her eyes way too bright
From all that coffee she’s drinking to work late at night
To finish her rewrites, ‘cause time’s getting tight.

She’s wearing her jammies at night and all day
And she looks real distracted when I ask her to play
And sometimes I think that I might and I may
Just toss her computer so far, far away.

When Mommy’s on deadline the house is a mess
She doesn’t have time to do dishes, I guess,
Or laundry or dusting or mopping, unless
she has writers block – that is the best!

Then the house gets so tidy and shiny and neat
I don’t have to be careful where I put my feet.
There’s freshly baked cookies and dinner to eat
And time to play games with me – it can’t be beat!

But the writers block goes and there’s a look in her eye,
Sort of distant and inward and I don’t even try
To talk with her now, it’s a sort of goodbye
As she heads for her laptop with a big relieved sigh.

When Mommy’s on deadline, a shadow is cast,
We’re a leaky ship with our sail at half-mast.
But I have to trust that the deadline will pass
And I’ll have my real mommy back with me at last!

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