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Summer Solstice Saturday

I’m writing this on Saturday. But it’s not just any Saturday – it’s Summer Solstice Saturday. And I love the solstice!

Maybe it’s partly because I grew up in one Northern California hippie town and now I’m living in another one, where tie-dye shops with crystals hanging in the windows are a pretty common sight. People frequently gather on our local cliffs overlooking the ocean to celebrate the sunsets. Some of them even dance or drum as the sun goes down. And even though I giggle about it sometimes, deep down I like that people make a point of appreciating the sun, of thanking it, of celebrating it.

But nowadays, I’m not actually much of a tie-dye wearing, crystal-toting, dancing-to-the-drumming type of gal. I think the simple reason that I love the summer solstice is that it’s the longest day of the year and I love light!

The last time my husband and I went house hunting, we thought we might want to live in the woods. We liked the idea of being surrounded by trees and nature, so we drove on winding roads through the Santa Cruz Mountains and saw some great houses. But in each one we’d turn to each other and say, “it’s too dark.”

After a few days of complaining about all the shade we realized that, although we might enjoy the forest, we are not forest people. We crave open skies and light. So we bought a cottage on the coast, in a neighborhood with a few palms and several gorgeous cypress trees, but mostly just open sky. On our property there are no tall trees and we like it that way. Light comes through our windows all day and to lighten things up even more, we painted our beige and grey home yellow, inside and out. We’ve been accused of living inside an Easter egg, but we’re happy there!

So this evening we’ll pack up our dinner and take it to our neighborhood beach for a picnic. We’ll play in the waves and climb the rocks and dig in the sand with our son, and we’ll celebrate the solstice – the longest day of the year – and we’ll revel in all that light!

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