Me and My Cowboys

I returned from the national conference of Romance Writers of America yesterday with a whole new mystique. I’d posted a photo on Facebook during the conference, this photo, of me smushed between two rather gorgeous cowboys.IMG_8868

And how fun was that! But no, they weren’t my latest conquests, they were an activity at an Amazon party. Get your photo taken with their cover models. IMG_8857
So I did!

And the funny thing is that while I write about cowboys, I didn’t really know that I had a “thing” for cowboys. I originally chose a cowboy hero because I love horses, but don’t have time in my life to go riding, so I figured if I wrote about horse trainers, and ranchers, I’d get to write about horses. But at this party I discovered I really do have a thing for cowboys. A THING.

It was just a silly photo! Everyone was doing it! But my knees were weak and my voice was even squeakier than usual, and I giggled and blushed. I was embarrassed, especially because the guys had to be about twenty years younger than me! IMG_8866


Still, I had a blast, and if I briefly added a bit to my romance novelist mystique in the process, well that’s fine too. Plus, how long has it been since I giggled like that?

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