A Place for Garden Dreams

I love gardening almost as much as writing. And now that my city is in danger of running out of water thanks to the crippling California drought, I’ve started gardening with succulents. And it’s challenging! Succulents are funky and angular and don’t often do quite what you think they should. So to get some inspiration, I made a pilgrimage to a succulent mecca. Flora Grubb Gardens, in San Francisco.

And, oh my goodness, did I get inspired. Overwhelmed with the creativity on display everywhere I looked. Plants as art. Even metal plants!
Succulents growing as if painted across a vast canvas, for an outdoor living room.
Succulents as a living centerpiece for a garden dining table.
Succulents turning an abandoned car into something of wild beauty.

Even garden chairs and tables doing their part – creating a vivid backdrop for the garden.
I wandered into the shop to see their lovely indoor creations as well. They must be used to people lingering there, because they have they own coffee shop inside!
When I got into my car and drove away, I felt a bit like Dorothy leaving Oz, or Alice leaving Wonderland. The real world looked just a bit grayer, a bit more normal and pedestrian, after leaving the lavish beauty of Flora Grub Gardens. But I have my photos, my ideas and inspirations, to try in my own garden. Maybe, with some effort and time and a whole lotta succulents, I can create my own piece of Wonderland!

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