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Creating a Romantic Home – A Vintage Pie Safe Makeover

I am a big advocate of creating a romantic, relaxing ambiance at home. If your home is pretty (and by pretty I mean YOUR definition of pretty) it can truly become an oasis for your thoughts, your family and your spirit.

But I don’t think that we need to spend a lot of money to obtain that beauty. In fact, if you have children in your home, it’s far more relaxing to go cheap. That way kids can play and create without worrying that some expensive piece of furniture might be damaged.

Last week I was craving a little more pretty in my home and decided that it was finally time to paint the pie safe. My father and stepmother found it at an antique store years ago. They passed it on to me and for a long time I kept it just the way it was, covered in a dark brown stain.

But the stain was chipping and peeling and looking pretty sad, and the whole thing just seemed so dark and murky, especially inside the shelves. So the other day, I got out the primer and slapped some on.

I realized partway through that I had to tape the wire screens or they’d be covered in paint!

I used chalk paint. Normally you don’t have to prime under chalk paint, but this piece had such a strange and damaged finish on it, I figured I’d better prime as well.

Chalk paint is rather expensive, and as I mentioned in a previous post, it is possible to make your own or get a similar effect using a flat paint. But I was in love with the Duck Egg Blue chalk paint I’d found several months ago and excited to have a chance to use it.
Chalk Paint phto

For the inside and shelves I used Old White chalk paint, left over from when I painted my table and tea cart.

I painted the inside with one coat of white paint, then did the blue outside. Then when the outside was dry, I painted the white shelves again, and let the safe dry inside the house over night.

The next day I taped off the edges of the white paint, so I wouldn’t get blue on it, and then I applied the final blue coat.

It was exciting to peel the masking tape off and realize that, for the most part, it had worked.

Once the paint was dry, I touched up a couple spots where I’d messed up. I let the safe dry inside overnight, and then applied a coat of wax.

The wax deepens the color and protects the paint.

I kept the original china knobs in homage to the original piece. And here it is! Transformed and, in my opinion, way more pretty! Our house is just a block from the ocean, and I think it adds to our beach house feeling.

So go forth and beautify, cheaply and in whatever way appeals to you. I wish you a happy, romantic, and relaxing home!

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