I Think I Might Be a Writer!

On January 6th it will be official. My third book, Convincing the Rancher, will be published. And I will have published three books in less than a year.

Convincing the Rancher, Front Cover

It’s almost hard for me to believe. This morning I had to double check the dates, staring at my calendar and muttering, “First book, February 2014. Second book, September 2014. Third book, January 2015. Yup, three books in eleven months.” And then I thought, “No wonder I’ve been so tired lately!”

It feels a little bittersweet. Partly because this book is the last of the stories about the trio of friends I first envisioned way back when I started writing. Tess Cole, the heroine of Convincing the Rancher, first walked into my imagination almost ten years ago! She had to wait a long time for her story to be told!

But it’s also incredibly exciting! Because somehow Book Three makes me feel like a REAL writer. I know now that I can do it. I can write my books fairly quickly. I can take my editor’s notes and incorporate her suggestions into my stories. I can do revisions, line edits, copy edits, and so much more! I can write proposals to sell new books, work with an agent, go to conferences, visit book clubs and blogs, do interviews, sign books, run contests and manage a website and blog. I’ve learned a whole lot about social media. In other words, I am pretty sure that I can truly BE a writer!

Of course, I’ll have to keep pinching myself occasionally. Because even with all the evidence in front of me, it’s still a bit hard to believe that sometimes big dreams really do come true!

2 thoughts on “I Think I Might Be a Writer!

  1. Penney Wilfort

    I can’t wait to read this one, I read your first one and loved it, I do have more than a rancher here just been busy with the Holidays but will be reading it soon.
    I can’t wait for Jan 6th to get here. Thanks for the review on it.

    1. Claire McEwen Post author

      Hi Penney,
      I have no idea why I never saw this comment before. Usually I get a notification when someone comments and I must have missed it. Thank you so much for your kind note and I’m really glad you are enjoying the books. I love More Than a Rancher, it might be my favorite, because the hero is so troubled and has so much to work out. It was really fun to write! I hope you are well.

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