Photos that inspired my new book, Convincing the Rancher

I’m having some book release nostalgia. I’m happy, of course. My new book is officially out in the world! And it’s doing pretty well… selling, getting some nice reviews, and that’s a really good feeling!

But now that it’s “out there” I kind of miss it. Tess and Slaid were really fun to write. They had so much going on between them. There’s a lot more they could have said and done, but it would have taken me beyond my allotted 85,000 words.

I’m consoling myself with plans to write more about them in the future. There is definitely a steamy short story about the night they met in Phoenix in the works! And I have a few deleted scenes that could come to light. But until then, I’ll revisit them by sharing some photos that inspired a few of my favorite moments in the book. Enjoy!

Tess awkwardly scaled the fence and tottered across the rough grass. Pulling off her scarf, she approached the brown cow, who now had the CEO cornered against a rock as she lovingly blew her grassy breath into his ear.

They looked like teeth, Tess decided. Teeth from some strange monster with bad oral hygiene. The brown rock had been pushed up abruptly by long-ago geologic forces and didn’t seem to belong in the same region as the surrounding fields.

Tess looked at the shrubs with new respect. They were tough, and prickly looking too. She could appreciate any creature that survived under tough conditions. Like she had.

“I want clean energy and I want to prevent pollution, but I don’t want to look at windmills everyday and I don’t want them on the land I lease.”

There was way too much open space out there. Too much quiet.

“The snow’s been coming down all week,” Slaid said.
“See? Another reason why this could never work.”
“You were excited about they first snowfall! Have you ever skied, sledded, tried snowboarding, made a snow angel?”
“NO,” Tess said dubiously. “But if you think you’ll convince me that lying down in ice-cold snow and waving my arms around is a good idea, I think Mack’s addled your brain with that scotch.”

Wishing you happy reading and a happy new year!

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