A Happier Paris


The news last week from Paris – that terrorists murdered people at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and at a kosher market- was absolutely heartbreaking. It was an evil, blatant attack on artists and writers and their right to free speech, and also on shoppers and workers targeted because they were assumed to be Jewish.

It’s so hard to comprehend the religious extremists around the world who seem to enjoy slaughtering innocent people. But I think we can all try to personally combat their hideous intentions. As a writer, I’ll continue to exercise my right to free speech, and not edit my words or ideas because someone else might disapprove.

And for today, I can offer my readers images of a happier Paris. Join me on a visit there in the company of my son, who gave me a whole new joyful view of the City of Light.

With my little one, I spent a lot of time in the gardens behind Notre Dame.

The city is full of small playgrounds like this one, where a happy boy gives his mama a spin!

Such a thrill to go zooming across the Luxembourg Gardens,

and hours of fun can be had exploring the magical playground there.

It’s a blast to bust a few moves in the ballroom of the Musee D’Orsay,

and jump on the trampolines in The Tuileries Garden,

and go for a run around the Place des Vosges.

There is so much to learn peering into the pyramid at the Louvre,

and examining art at the Rodin Museum,

and getting to know (and roar like) the local statuary.

How exciting to meet up with an aunty to explore Montmartre,

and to visit the Eiffel Tower and the carousel nearby.

Walking by the Seine always reveals something beautiful,

including a chance to make some art.

And when the day is over, even the walk home through cobblestone streets is an adventure.

I hope this journey through Paris brought a smile to your face and helped you remember that no religious fanatic can kill the joy and creativity that is woven into the fabric of such a great city.


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