Confusion and Beauty in My Garden

It’s strange to see spring in my garden when we’ve barely had a winter… again. But spring seems to be here. My bulbs are coming up,
grape hyacinth
Grape Hyacinth

1st daffodil

calla lily
Calla Lily

And my primroses are happy.

But after a few years of severe drought, some of my plants are doing strange things. It’s March 2nd. By this time of year in Northern California it’s not abnormal to see fruit trees flowering. But an apple on my apple tree?
lost apple

Accompanied by blossoms?
apple blossom

My garden is definitely confused. And at this point, so am I! With a winter that consists of one or two short rainstorms and many sunny days, it’s hard to know what season we’re in. And evidently, my plants agree.

It’s called Autumn Sage for a reason… but it’s flowering now.
autumn sage

And normally my Scabiosa (pincushion flower) doesn’t get going until almost summer.

And my Aeonium has burst into bloom early too.
succulent close up

The jasmine is going nuts, but that’s not too abnormal for this time of year. It certainly smells delicious!

The flowers make me happy, but I’m sad that we’re losing what little evidence of seasons that we had here on the California coast. And all this early blossoming isn’t necessarily a good thing. In fact, according to this article, it could mean that my plants are sensing that they won’t be able to survive much longer and are trying to reproduce before they die!

But will I let them die without a fight? Nope. I’m too much of a romantic gardener. I’m too in love with my blooms. So I’ll be hauling all the laundry rinse water and used bath water that it will take to keep my garden alive for another dry spring, summer and fall. And I’ll keep hoping that, next year, we’ll actually have a winter.

yellow abutilon

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