The Gift of Green

Yesterday I gave myself a gift. I closed my computer, abandoned my to-do list, left my son in the care of my husband, and took a run up into the hills behind my town. And it was the best gift I could have given myself because everything was green!

photo 2

Readers who don’t live in drought-stricken California may not have quite the same appreciation of green. Here in Northern California our hills turn the color of straw in summer, and by fall the grass is so dried out that it’s almost grey. And with the long drought, the brown-grey hills are with us most of the year now.

But yesterday was different. There was still lush green grass, moist from early morning fog. There were wildflowers – California poppies, clarkia, wild radish, and monkey flower. There was even a tiny creek crossing the trail. It was only six inches across, but it was water. Running water!

photo 1

If you’re a Californian, try to get outside in the next couple weeks. Enjoy the green and the wildflowers. This spring follows a winter with the lowest amount of precipitation on record. The usual browns and greys will surround us in no time, and stay with us for many months. So don’t miss out on this lovely, tiny window of green!

photo 5

photo 4

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