Sierra Legacy ~ My New Series

I’ve been away from the blogosphere, working on a new series called Sierra Legacy. I am so excited about it! The characters haunt me— they’ve been following me around for almost two years now, trying to tell me their stories. They have strong voices and huge hearts and big troubles. It’s quite an adventure trying to write it all down!


The series consists of four books about the legacy left by one family, The Hoffmans, who resided WAY over on the wrong side of the tracks in my fictional Eastern Sierra town of Benson, California.

The first two books are about the two youngest siblings, Nora and Wade Hoffman. They’ve returned to the family property, Marker Ranch, which has been abandoned ever since they moved away after high school and their father and older brothers fled to Mexico to escape criminal charges.

Wade has just finished two tours of duty in Afghanistan and has left the army to start civilian life. He wants to restore the family ranch and convinces his sister Nora to join him there to help him get it started.

But life is never simple— especially life in a Claire McEwen romance novel! Nora vowed never to return to Benson, and now that she’s back, she has to face a man she loved, and was never able to forget. Wade is having difficulties adjusting to life after combat. And both of them have to make their peace with the uneasy welcome the town of Benson offers… no one is happy to see the Hoffmans back at Marker Ranch!

And books three and four of the series? Well, without giving too much away, there’s a Hoffman who makes an unexpected return. And in his attempts to start a new life, he has some pretty big decisions to make. Decisions that don’t just affect his life — his actions have consequences for the woman he used to love.

Sierra Legacy is full of twists and turns and troubles and triumphs. But most of all there is love — deep, soulful, life-altering love — the kind that changes everything.

Look for the first book in the Sierra Legacy series, Wild Horses, in March 2016!

2 thoughts on “Sierra Legacy ~ My New Series

    1. Claire McEwen Post author

      Thank you, Marlene! There is something about this series that gives me chills sometimes. I really care about these characters. Of course other times it just makes me want to cry, because writing is hard! 🙂

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