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Thankful for You

This Thanksgiving week is so full of things to be thankful for. And like so many people, I am full of gratitude for all the lovely things that life has miraculously provided for me: my family and friends and home and health and so many opportunities.

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But there’s also this extra gratitude that, ever since my first book was published, sneaks up on me and makes my breath catch and my eyes open wide with surprise and an honored joy. Because I have you. I have readers. And I am so grateful for that.

We have so many things to read. We are bombarded with things to read every day. Articles our friends post on social media, content for work, local news, world news and a zillion other blogs. And then there are all those books in our to-be-read piles. So if you’ve chosen to use one of your precious life moments to read my blog, I truly appreciate it.

And if you read my books? I am so very thankful for you as well. Readers are my livelihood but also SO much more than that. What I write comes from a place inside that is so meaningful to me that lately my characters have been bringing tears to my eyes. When you read my books, you are sharing in a little piece of my heart that hopefully translates into something meaningful for your heart too. And so each reader to me feels like a personal connection and a magical one, based on this combination of words and imagination and emotion that somehow resonated with someone else.

Gratitude. That you will spend some of your precious time with my words. That sometimes those words really speak to you and move you. And gratitude because when you pick up one of my books, you are putting your faith in me. You are taking a chance that my writing will reach you, entertain you, and hopefully transport you a bit. I so appreciate you being willing to take that chance! It makes me work even harder to ensure that the time you spend in the pages of my books is as good as I can make it.

Happy Thanksgiving, wonderful readers. I am so thankful for you!

~ Claire McEwen

2 thoughts on “Thankful for You

  1. Tabitha Pon

    Awwww Claire! You are the sweetest and kindest person. M and I are lucky to know you. Thank YOU for sharing your heart with all of us!! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    1. Claire McEwen Post author

      Thank you, Tabitha! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! (Late now, because my blog doesn’t like tell me when I have comments!) And Happy Holidays in general. I know you two will have some vacation time soon and I hope it is lovely!

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