Rainbow Hope

Last week we had a warm spring rain, steady enough to make puddles and trickles. And at the end of it all, walking my dog under an evening sprinkle, the clouds parted and something magical happened.


The rainbow was huge – covering the entire neighborhood and extending out into the ocean. (And no, your eyes aren’t tired, the photo below is slanted. My faulty attempt at a panorama shot!)

Rainbow panorama

The rainbow even changed the color of the water.

rainbow, ocean, cliff, wave close-up2

I’d been feeling melancholy on my walk, a few tears mixing with the raindrops landing on my cheeks. I’m an avid music fan and it was the day after Prince died and the world seemed much darker without him. The rain felt like a reminder of what we’d lost. Purple rain. Sometimes it snows (or rains) in April. Prince asking “Can you make it rain harder?” before playing his astounding set at the Super Bowl.

And yet, there that rainbow was, gleaming over us, announcing the end of the storm. And the entire neighborhood stopped to watch, stilled and uplifted by the sight.


A reminder that even in times of loss, we can find pieces of hope.


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