Summer Peaches

That moment when I see the first peaches of the year in the grocery store is always a big one.
I blink, look again, and head their way with hope in my heart.

I love peaches and nectarines and miss them over the winter months. They show up in the produce section like celebrities breezing in from some exotic location, bringing that sun-kissed glow and a promise of something special.

I examine them and pick one up, trying to weigh out price vs. yumminess. Will they be good this time of year? Will they be worth the three dollars a pound, or whatever sum the grocer is extracting for this first taste of summer?

But it’s all for show. I always give in, no matter what the price. Maybe I only buy one or two if they’re expensive, but I can’t leave the store without them. Because it’s not just fruit, but pieces of summer that I’m placing gently in my cart. And even if they’re not as tasty as I hope they’ll be, I can’t resist giving them a try.

First Peach of the Year Post

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