Launching Return to Marker Ranch

This is it! It’s here! Return to Marker Ranch hits Kindles and e-readers July 1st. Paperback copies, available at Harlequin, Amazon and Barnes &, come out on July 5th.

Cover Return to Marker Ranch

I’m jubilant. Sort of wafting around on a happy cloud because I love this book and it’s going out into the world!

But I’m also nervous. I’m always nervous when a book comes out. The what if everyone hates it? question looms large in my unconfident mind. But this book makes me extra-nervous because it touches on an issue that’s rather controversial in our country today, and I wonder if people will feel upset about that.

I hope not. This story is not intended to make a political statement. Return to Marker Ranch is a story about two people healing from wounds so big that they extend right down into their souls. It’s a big-emotion book about love so deep that it heals. And it’s about animals too, and the transformations they inspire in our lives.

Wade and Lori work very hard for their happily ever after in this story. I hope you’ll stick with them as they try to find their way. The story didn’t start out quite so complicated! But it was one of those strange author situations where the characters took over the story. My fingers flew across the keyboard, just trying to take down what everyone was saying and feeling. And as I got deeper into the book, it became a story that felt like it had to be told.

Marker Ranch Teaser, cowboy and horse

I hope you read, and love, Wade and Lori’s romance as much as I do. To learn more about the book, please visit my website. And as always, thank you for taking this journey to the Eastern Sierras with me. Thank you for investing in the town of Benson and the Hoffman family. Thank you for your willingness to spend your precious time with my stories.

And without further ado, I’ll take a deep breath and welcome Return to Marker Ranch into the world!

And one more thing…
Return to Marker Ranch will be visiting all kinds of blogs over the next two weeks. It should be really fun. There will be interviews, reviews, and some blog posts written by me. And all along the tour, you can enter to win an Amazon giftcard and a copy of the first book in the Sierra Legacy series, Wild Horses. Here is a link to the tour schedule. I hope to see you on the tour!

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