A New Book Cover!

It’s always so exciting to get a new book cover. Every publisher is different, but with Harlequin category books, the cover really is a complete surprise. Authors aren’t sent a rough draft to critique. So the moment I click on the link to my new cover is always a pulse-accelerating combination of excitement and worry. Because… what if I hate it?

I haven’t ever hated my book covers, just to be clear, but there are a few I’ve loved less than others. But this cover was love at first sight. Because this is exactly how I’d pictured Arch Hoffman, the hero of my November 2016 book, Home Free.

Home Free Cover

I have no idea what went so right this time. Like always, I sent the art department photos of what my hero looks like. In the past, my book covers haven’t always reflected those images. But this time? Boom! They absolutely nailed it! And it makes me even more excited to share this story with readers!

I also like that they put Arch Hoffman by himself on the cover. Even though the heroine is an extremely important part of the story, Home Free wraps up loose ends for the entire Hoffman family. And to tie it all together, Arch goes through such a journey. A journey that starts years and years before we meet him and feels like it will continue far beyond when the story ends. It’s a story of transformation for Arch, for his family, for the woman he loves, and even for the woman he doesn’t. (Her story is Book 4 in the series, by the way!)

I so hope that you enjoy Arch’s story. Home Free will be available at Harlequin.com in October and everywhere else in November. Until then, please enjoy the beautiful cover!

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