Return to Marker Ranch Playlist, Part 2 – Keith Urban Concert

If you read my previous post, about the playlist for my July book, Return to Marker Ranch, you’ll know that the post ended with me heading off to choose an outfit for the Keith Urban concert. My sister’s boyfriend, an amazing musician named Danny Click, is acquainted with Keith. And Keith had generously offered Danny tickets and backstage passes – and thrown in an extra for me!

Since that last post a few of you have asked… did you really get a chance to meet Keith Urban?

Yes! For a brief moment. And he was kind and polite and generous with his time, even though he was very rushed when we saw him.

And yes, I tried to tell him how much his music meant to me and my books, but I’m pretty sure it all came out in a confused jumble. A reminder that I’m a writer, not a speaker. Maybe I should have just handed him a note!

When it was my turn to have a photo taken, I got very shy, and being the dorky goofball that I am, I blurted out, “Ack! I’m shy!” He was so sweet and pulled me in for a big reassuring hug. Here it is, caught on camera, below. Just what this overwhelmed fangirl needed!

Me and KU best

And then there was the concert. He gave us perfect seats. Fourth row, center. And I was blown away by his performance. I know that he’s considered to be a great guitar player, but when you watch him play live? It’s kind of astounding!


Keith close up green background

Plus he brings this incredible energy to the stage that lights everything up. He really made an effort to reach people all over the audience, including bringing his band to the back of the amphitheater to play to the people sitting up in the lawn area. It was such a nice thing to do. And funny too, to see him heading off into the crowd!

Keith back by lawn

The entire concert reminded me of a Bruce Springsteen show. As many of you know, I am a long-time Bruce Springsteen fan. Keith Urban is the first performer I’ve seen who comes close to Bruce’s energy and excitement and exhilarating combination of fantastic music and pure joy.

Here he is with his band:


And with Maren Morris. (And if you love music, you have to listen to her song, My Church. It’s the best song about loving music that I’ve ever heard!)


If you like Keith Urban’s music and you have a chance to see him play, go! If you haven’t checked out his music, give it a try. I fell in love with his songs on Spotify, which is free. (But please consider buying the musician’s music after you’ve decided that you like it, because I’ve heard Spotify doesn’t compensate them very well.)

We walked out of the concert totally exhilarated. What a great feeling after so much recent bad news in the world, and after what had been a really difficult month for me personally. It reminded me of how healing the right music can be. For me, the right music is Keith Urban. For you it might be someone different. Whoever it is… take some time to catch a concert or turn up the volume on the car stereo. I think we all could use a little healing right now!

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