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My new book comes out this week, and I’m sitting here, the night before its release date, waving it off into the world with a bittersweet feeling in my heart. Because, while this isn’t the last book in my Sierra Legacy series, it’s the last one about the Hoffman family. Nora, Wade and now Arch, all have their stories told. And Home Free is the story that brings them all together and gives them some closure.

I’ve loved writing about the Hoffmans. There is something about them, the way they grew up and became strong despite such adverse circumstances, that really worked its way into my heart. I love the way that, in their stories, they’re still trying to find their paths to a new and healthier way of living, making small bits of progress and finding more hope along the way.

Home Free Cover

And then there’s Arch and Mandy, the hero and heroine of Home Free. I liked Nora and Todd from Book 1. I loved Wade and Lori from Book 2. But I loved, loved, loved Arch and Mandy. To me it felt like each was the exact person that the other person needed. That without Arch in her life, Mandy might never have been able to overcome her past. And without Mandy in his life, Arch might never have learned to see the good in himself. They both had such an enormous journey to take in order to find happiness, and I just hope I was able to do that journey justice in this story!

I was so excited when I saw the publication schedule for the Sierra Legacy series and realized that Home Free would be released in the fall. To me, it is such a perfect fall story. The cooling weather, the coming of winter, the closing down of the year to be born again in the spring, mirrors the path of change that Arch and Mandy take as they move toward their happily ever after. Fall brings Thanksgiving, and there is a lot of gratitude in the book. There’s a sweetness and an appreciation for all the small things in life.

Here are some places to purchase Home Free, if you’re interested:
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I hope you give Home Free a try, and I hope you love it the way that I do!

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