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A Gorgeous Book Cover ~ His Last Rodeo

His Last Rodeo comes out in May and I recently got the cover. I thought my last book, Home Free was gorgeous, but this one? I got chills when I opened the file!

His Last Rodeo is the fourth book in my Sierra Legacy series, but each book can be read on its own if you aren’t up for tackling all four books. This one, especially, stands alone, I think.

Here is the description:

Back in the saddle again…

Tyler Ellis catches Kit Hayes completely off guard when he swaggers back home and into the bar she manages. Since high school, he’s been a champion rodeo star…a notorious playboy…and now, apparently, a bar owner. She accepts his offer of a hefty bonus and helps him transform the place because she’s desperate to escape their tiny town in the Sierras. She doesn’t expect him to work this hard beside her. Where’s the cocky cowboy he’s supposed to be? Instead she discovers he’s still the sweet, genuine young man she once knew. And so much more…including a threat to the adventurous life she craves.

I’m excited that it’s coming out this spring! You can order it from the Harlequin website in April (and they often have sales, especially on Fridays.) Or you can get it at any online store, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or iTunes (and many more retailers) starting in May.

More about the story to follow in other blog posts, but for now, please enjoy the pretty cover with me!

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