Stormy Weather

Last week we had the most wonderful stormy weather.


The words ‘wonderful’ and ‘stormy’ might sound a bit odd when used together, but we were in a drought. Serious drought. For what seemed like forever! And now the reservoir that holds our town’s water reserves is full, tanks are full, the river is flowing, and instead of drought, we are positively soggy!

There have been downsides to all the rain. Landslides and trees down in the mountains behind our town, for example. But here by the ocean we get the upside. Waves! Gorgeous waves!

Stormy ocean blog 2

And splashes! Water splashing all the way up onto the road in some places!

Story ocean blog 3

Every day, my dog and I get to watch the ocean on our walks. And lately we’ve been blasted by sea foam and spray. I love it. The dog, not so much!

Stormy ocean blog 6

Have you been enjoying your winter? Do you like heading out into the storms? Or hunkering down at home?

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