His Last Rodeo Book Release!

It’s here! His Last Rodeo is out today! My 7th book. I am lucky and blessed!

You can buy His Last Rodeo as an ebook at any major online retailer and in paperback at Harlequin. After May 9th, you will be able to get it in paperback from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

I loved writing this story but it was also a big challenge. Well, more than a big challenge. If we’re being honest, it confused me and I cried a bunch. My editor had to calm me down a few times. Even though she is wonderful and patient, I’m pretty sure I made her crazy.

I think one of the main reasons this story was so difficult is because the main characters, Kit Hayes and Tyler Ellis, had so much chemistry that they kept taking over the story. That’s a good thing normally. It makes for great dialogue and heat. But chemistry can also throw a story off course if the characters run off with the plot in their excitement about each other!

Plus I’d sent up a difficult situation for poor Kit and Tyler. It was hard to resolve it in a usual romantic happy ending where everyone gets exactly what they want.

But I adore these two characters, and The Dusty Saddle, where they work. Hopefully I succeeded in writing a rich, entertaining and fun story in the end! Some early readers on Goodreads seem to like it, so that’s a great feeling!

Here’s the book description:

Back in the saddle again…

Tyler Ellis catches Kit Hayes completely off guard when he swaggers back home and into the bar she manages. Since high school, he’s been a champion rodeo star…a notorious playboy…and now, apparently, a bar owner. She accepts his offer of a hefty bonus and helps him transform the place because she’s desperate to escape their tiny town in the Sierras. She doesn’t expect him to work this hard beside her. Where’s the cocky cowboy he’s supposed to be? Instead she discovers he’s still the sweet, genuine young man she once knew. And so much more…including a threat to the adventurous life she craves.

I hope you enjoy His Last Rodeo!

~ Claire


His Last Rodeo is hitting the cyber-road tomorrow on a blog tour that runs until May 12th. Here is a link to the schedule over at Tasty Book Tours.

It’s going to be fun! Excerpts, interviews, reviews, guest posts by yours truly… and at each stop you can enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card. So come along on the tour!

And thank you, always, for your support of my books.

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