A Perfect Start to Summer

Saturday was windy and today is grey, but yesterday we had gorgeous warm weather. Perfect for a party and thankfully, the parents of one of my son’s friends organized exactly that. A Harry-Potter-themed birthday on the banks of our local river.

It was so fun to sit in the shade with other parents and chat while we watched the kids splashing in the water. It brought back memories of my own childhood vacation days spent in rivers and lakes all over Northern California. And the addition of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans had the kids laughing as they enticed each other to try vomit, dirt and rotten egg flavored jellybeans.

My son talked me into trying an earthworm jellybean and it was just about as disgusting as you would imagine!

So here’s to childhood wonder and laughter and relaxed days with friends and family.

And since today is Memorial Day, here’s to the soldiers who gave their lives for our country, and whose families don’t get to enjoy these kinds of days with them. You have my gratitude, and my heart aches for the sacrifices made.

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