Healthy Writing

2017 was a rocky year for my health. It also wasn’t a very productive writing year. And I’m pretty sure those two things are very much connected!

Writing a book is an enormous project. It takes organization as well as creativity, stamina and skill. And if your body is tired, inflamed, ill, hormonal, unbalanced, injured, addicted, or allergic, it can be tough to think creatively, organize your thoughts, and write.

Now I’m not saying that I had ALL those things going wrong with me. But in 2016 I didn’t sleep much in order to make more time to write. By the start of 2017 I was exhausted and depressed, my hip was injured, and I was eating way too much sugar and carbs, which made me even more tired and spaced out. Plus, I was approaching fifty and all of the lovely hormonal changes that go with along it.

In January of 2017 I embarked on a journey to become as healthy as possible. I cut out alcohol for most of 2017. I tried (and failed many times!) to eat less sugar. (More about that in another post.) I rested, and worked on healing my hip and my leg. I started seeing a naturopathic doctor to get a more holistic take on my health.

And much of what I did worked. I have made enormous progress. I can walk a couple miles on my bad leg, I have much more energy and mental focus, and my eating habits are way, way better, which improves how I feel in so many different ways.

That’s why I started this new Healthy Writing section of my blog. Writing is solitary and sedentary, often taking place way too near that box of cookies or bar of chocolate in the kitchen. Deadlines can have us skipping sleep and living on coffee, wine and carbs. But my goal for 2018 is to do writing differently, with balance, good food and exercise, no matter what.

So I thought I’d share what I’m learning here on my blog, in hopes I can support other people in trying to find that balance too. I am no expert. But I can share recipes I’ve found and different strategies that work for me.

So stay tuned for more Healthy Writing posts in the future. For now I’ll raise my glass of lemon and cucumber water in a toast. Here’s to our health!

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