Sleigh Bells in the Snow is Available for Pre-order!

My Christmas novel, Sleigh Bells in the Snow, is available for pre-order! It’s not too early for the holidays, right? Let’s celebrate Christmas in July!

I am so excited to bring you this story. Writing it felt like visiting a magical Christmas world every day!

Take two good people who find themselves on the opposite side of an important issue in their snowy Maine town. Add in a bunch of pre-conceived notions about each other, a good dose of misunderstanding, and an adorable corgi with a love of Christmas sweaters, and you have a heartwarming, fun story to celebrate the season! And of course, since I wrote it, there is family drama, personal revelations, horses and some pretty holiday decor.

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This story is a part of the 12 Days of Heartwarming Christmas series. These are 12 connected novels that all revolve around two events in Christmas Town, Maine: the restoration of the old town carousel, and a Christmas Eve wedding. My story is connected to the wedding, my heroine is planning the wedding decor!

There is a prologue to the series, written by USA Today Bestselling Authors Melinda Curtis and Cari Lynn Webb. You can download it for free from Instafreebie. You will be asked to sign up for the Heartwarming Christmas Town newsletter, which is sent out a few times a year, right around the Christmas season.

And if you want to get all the news about Christmas Town books and our book-release celebrations, please join the Christmas Town Facebook group!

Here’s the official description of Sleigh Bells in the Snow:
Scarlett Ray owns a home décor shop full of Christmas cheer, but she isn’t feeling much holiday spirit. Her to-do list is overwhelming and it’s tough to navigate the first Christmas since her parents’ divorce. Then she learns that her landlord is planning to tear down the beautiful, historic building where she lives and works!

Chase Bailey hates to remove such a great looking building, but it’s falling apart and beyond repair. Plus, he needs to turn a profit so he can start a trust fund for his autistic brother. His decision seems simple until Chase meets his quirky, fiery tenant. Scarlett swears she’ll challenge him every step of the way to save the old building she loves.

Chase and Scarlett gear up for a fight, but the battle lines get blurry when they find themselves working on the same volunteer project. It’s hard to stay enemies when anger becomes friendship, and friendship feels a lot like love.

And here’s how to pre-order:
Barnes & Noble

Thank you for your continued support of my stories, and wishing you a very happy Christmas-in-July!
~ Claire McEwen

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      Thank you, Anna! Your content edits helped SO much. I just hope I did them justice in the revisions. It just came back from the copy editor and I’m kind of afraid to look… grammar and punctuation are never my strong point! 😉

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