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A New Three-book Series!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve sold a three-book series to the Harlequin Heartwarming line.
Many of you may have already heard this news on my Facebook Page, or on Twitter, but now the contract has been signed and it’s been announced in Publisher’s Marketplace, so it’s really real!

What is Harlequin Heartwarming? Harlequin Books publishes four books a month with the Heartwarming imprint. It’s sweet romance, which means no spicy stuff at all. Well, maybe a kiss or two. Maybe. On their website, Harlequin says “Harlequin Heartwarming celebrates wholesome, heartfelt relationships imbued with the traditional values so important to you: home, family, community and love.”

I have fallen in love with writing sweet romance because it means that I have to create all the romance and chemistry from the hero and heroine’s character growth, conflict and interactions. I have to create romantic tension without relying on overt sexual tension. It’s a big challenge to write this way, honestly, but I’m really enjoying it!

Here is the official announcement:

Claire McEwen’s new romance trilogy, in which a rugged cowboy and a determined scientist face off over the fate of a rogue mountain lion and are forced to confront their shared past, the love they had, and the tragedy that tore them apart, to Adrienne Macintosh at Harlequin Heartwarming, in a three-book deal, by Jill Marsal at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency (world).”

I’m so happy to be a Harlequin author again! Can I get a big YAHOO!

This series is so much fun to write. It’s got some very serious topics in it, but it’s also very funny and lighthearted as well. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but that is how the stories are unfolding.

All the fun and drama takes place in a fictional Northern California town called Shelter Creek. If the town was real it would be in the hills somewhere northwest of the city of Santa Rosa. Imagine dry, golden, rolling hills, cattle sleeping under oak trees, ranches with weathered, falling down barns and fences, fog creeping in from the Pacific Ocean, and a small town something like Booneville or Willits, and you have Shelter Creek.

Anyway, that’s my fun news! I don’t know when these books will be published, but I’ll keep you posted. Until then, thank you for celebrating with me on my blog today!

6 thoughts on “A New Three-book Series!

    1. Claire McEwen Post author

      Thank you so much, Sherry! I hope you like these ones. I hope I can wrestle them into something good. I am trying to have faith that I will bring this first book together… but it’s got a lot going on! And the heroine’s grandmother and her friends steal every scene they’re in! LOL!


    Congratulations Yay don’t think I have read any of your books but I do Love The Harlequin Heartwarming Romance books!

    1. Claire McEwen Post author

      Nice to hear that you enjoy them, Sarah! I’m honored to be a part of Heartwarming. Such a great group of authors and editors!

    1. Claire McEwen Post author

      Hi Savvy! The third book in the series is called Her Surprise Cowboy and it will be out in April. Thanks for your interest!

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