Following Through on Your New Year’s Goals

Well, here we are, the second week of January. Are you following through on your New Year’s goals?


In past years, my goals have fallen apart pretty rapidly. Maybe because they weren’t always very attainable! There was one fitness goal that really stands out in my memory. My husband and I were going to do push ups, and we were going to add one more push up for each day of the year. Well that worked until about January 15th, when my fitness level couldn’t keep up with the goal! I remember flopping onto my stomach on the floor, arms and chest burning, knowing I’d never manage to make it beyond that point.

Looking back, more push ups weren’t really the problem. It was the rate of change. My body can’t change that fast, my muscles can’t grow that fast, so the goal was unrealistic. If I’d made the goal to add one more push up each week, and then done those push ups every day, maybe that would have worked out a little better!

The point is, if your goals are already feeling like distant, vague aspirations, maybe it’s time to take a second look. Are they truly attainable? Are they really something you feel motivated about? If not, maybe it’s time to tweak them a bit.

And if your goals seem to be achievable, do you have a way to track your progress? Because another thing I’ve learned, as someone who struggles to follow through, is that tracking my progress is really helpful. This year I am using my planner to track my goals, which is really working well, since I use my planner every day anyway.

Happy Planner Classic

My goals were all about mental and physical health this year. I need to get in shape. And I also need to find some quiet think time for myself every day. Maybe that second one seems like a small goal, but for me it is crucial because I struggle to stay organized and positive. I need time to plan each day, and to get myself into a more positive mind set.

So as I mentioned, I’m using my planner, (and I like the classic version of the Happy Planner, by the way,) to track the changes I want to make. Happy Planner makes a health and fitness insert that you can pop right into your planner, so I am using that to record what I eat and drink, and also to track my exercise.

Fitness log for happy planner

I’m also using a gratitude journal to work on my mental health. Every day I write down ten things I’m grateful for, and also write down a couple goals for the day. I’ve already noticed that this practice is improving my attitude and helping me stay a bit more focused during the day.

gratitude practice journal

And to make sure I’m really doing what I said I’d do? I made a check-off list on the monthly page of the health and fitness planner insert. As a busy mom with two jobs, it is so easy to let my own health and my own needs take a back seat. This check list reminds me that these things NEED to be done in order for me to be healthy and well. (And if you’re not into writing words over and over with a colored pen, you could make something like this on the computer and paste it into your planner. I found the mindless writing activity kind of relaxing, though!)

track your progress toward your goal

I hope you are finding a way to be healthy and well this year too! And if you have any great organizational tricks to help people meet their goals, please feel free to share them in the comments.

(Just so you know, if I mention or endorse a product on this blog, it’s only because I really like it. I have no relationships with any of the companies, like Happy Planner, that I mention. But I do use that Amazon thingy where sometimes I put a certain type of Amazon link in my blog, and if you buy the product from Amazon, then I get some microscopic percentage of what you pay.)

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