A Valentine’s Day Book Release!

It’s Book Release Day! Are you ready for a collection of 8 heartwarming Valentine’s Day romance novellas? The early reviews are lovely. I think the world needs this happy, fun book!

But first, friends, let me just say that I have not been blogging enough and it’s great to be back! I do apologize for my disappearance from my blog. It has to do with me taking on perhaps more work than I should have! But one of the results is that I have this new novella out today, part of a collection from the Christmas Town authors called Be My Heartwarming Valentine!

Be My Heartwarming Valentine is an anthology of 8 romance novellas, that all take place in the magical world of Christmas Town, Maine. All of the previous books in this series have been set at (you guessed it) Christmas time, but for these stories it’s Valentine’s Day in Christmas town! The town library has flooded and the citizens need to raise money to repair it. The Knotty Elves (Remember them? The quirky ladies from the Over the River retirement home?) step in and suggest a bachelor auction! The stories in this anthology are what happens after that auction takes place.

And oh what fun it was to write the scene where the Knotty Elves are out spying on the results of the auction and their matchmaking efforts!

My novella is called Love Fixes Everything. It’s about Carrie Porter, who was the heroine’s good friend and employee in my 2018 Christmas Town novel, Sleigh Bells in the Snow. She’s a single mom and has no time for dating. But when her friends bid on the handyman services of grumpy, reluctant bachelor Gage Flanagan, she may just decide to make some time! Here is the official description of the story.

When Carrie Porter’s friends bid on handyman Gage Flanagan in the Christmas Town bachelor auction, and then gift his services to her, the single mom is embarrassed to accept their charity. But Carrie sets her pride aside to learn all she can about home repair from the surly bachelor. Only Gage isn’t quite grumpy as he seems. As they work together to repair her historic home, Carrie and Gage realize that the love they feel might just repair their hearts as well. 

This was one of those stories that surprised me. I envisioned it as very quirky and funny, but in true Claire McEwen fashion it became rather heartfelt and bittersweet. But it also has really cute, lighthearted moments like the one in the graphic below. I really hope readers enjoy Carrie and Gage and their journey from loneliness to love!

Thanks for reading my blog today. And if you’re interested in reading the Be My Heartwarming Valentine anthology I have good news. We priced it really low at only $1.99! It’s available in ebook form only at:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Kobo.

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