Her Surprise Cowboy, a story for springtime!

My new book, Her Surprise Cowboy, is out in the world! It’s set in March and April, so it’s a good story for springtime! You’ll visit my fictional town of Shelter Creek when the rolling coastal hills are actually green and full of wildflowers after the winter and spring rains.

The Shelter Creek Wildlife Center is busy! Trisha Gilbert, the veterinary assistant who cares for the wild animals being rehabilitated there, has baby bunnies, a fox, and eventually coyote pups to care for. She also has her young son Henry, who’s just under a year old. She’s a single mother and proud of the way she’s managed to support and care for Henry on her own so far.

Imagine her surprise when she finds out that Henry’s father has moved from Texas to work on her friend’s ranch! She’d only known Liam Dale one night, and had never expected to see him again. Now the handsome cowboy, who is basically a stranger to her, is living in Shelter Creek.

Trisha has to decide what to do. Does she tell Liam he has a son? But she doesn’t know him. What if he’s not a good person? She’s a protective mother and won’t let anyone near Henry who isn’t going to love and care for him in the best ways possible.

With the help of her Book Biddies bookclub friends, Trisha sets out to discover who Liam is, and whether he can be a good father to Henry. As she gets to know the sweet, well-meaning cowboy, her feelings for him start to grow. But Liam isn’t planning to stay in Shelter Creek. Can the two of them find a way to become a family for Henry?

I hope you’ll give this sweet story a chance. It’s perfect for Easter … you can even join baby Henry for his first Easter Egg Hunt!

If you’d like to know more about the book, and see what bloggers are saying about it, you can follow along on the online book tour with Prism books! It runs from April 6th – April 11th and at every participating blog you can enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card. You can also check out the reviews on Goodreads or Amazon to see what readers are saying about the story.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hoped you enjoyed learning a bit about Her Surprise Cowboy. May the springtime brings us all hope, safety and sunshine!


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