Rescuing the Rancher is here!

Hello blog friends, it’s been awhile!  

With the global pandemic and my child’s school closed, I lost my writing time, yet still had books to write! I abandoned this blog for a few months to meet my deadlines. I abandoned my newsletter and most social media, too.

But now I’m back because I have been able to carve out some extra time thanks to my child’s amazing teacher. This gentleman’s distance learning program is so interactive and well thought out… I feel truly blessed that my son is in his class this year.

Anyway, since I’m back, let me tell you about my new book. It’s called Rescuing the Rancher and it takes place during a wildfire. My heroine, Jade Carson, is a firefighter from my fictional town of Shelter Creek. She is sent to evacuate a remote community in the coastal hills of Northern California. (Near Willits, California, which is actually affected by a large wildfire as I write this.)

Aidan Bell is a rancher who has been living in isolation, paralyzed by loss and grief. He wants to stay on his ranch to protect his livestock. When Jade realizes the way out of the area is blocked by fire, she decides to help Aidan defend his ranch. Working together, they battle for survival. 

Here is the official description from Harlequin.

She’ll help protect his ranch… and heal his heart

Firefighter Jade Carson needs to get the local residents out of a wildfire’s path, but Aidan Bell isn’t moving. Still grieving a tragedy, the stubborn rancher plans to stay and save his animals. Jade and Aidan battle the blaze on his property, only to feel the spark of something unexpected. Secrets are shared, hope kindles…but can they leave the past’s ashes behind and let love grow?

Early readers are enjoying Rescuing the Rancher, according to Goodreads reviews! That really thrills me because I’ve never written a book where the hero and heroine are together, with no one else to interact with, for most of the story. And I’d certainly never written about a wildfire before. I had to do a lot of research! 

It does feel odd to release this book right in the middle of all these terrible wildfires in my beloved California. As I write this post, the afternoon has turned into dim, brown night. Smoke from the massive fires is piling up in the atmosphere above the coastal fog, blocking out the sun. It is absolutely surreal, a bit frightening and a lot heartbreaking. I am sending wishes for safety to all the people directly affected by these fires, and to all the firefighters and first responders. 

I hate to promote my book at a tragic time like this, but now you know that Rescuing the Rancher is here, out in the world if you want it. It will put you right in the middle of surviving a wildfire, but from the comfort of your home. And since it’s a heartwarming romance, you can count on a sweet, happy ending!

Here are some links to order Rescuing the Rancher in ebook or paperback.




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Thanks for reading my blog! Please stay safe.

~ Claire McEwen

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