My New Book is Here!

Second Chance Cowboy is my new book from Harlequin’s Heartwarming line of sweet, wholesome romance.

The ebook is out today, March 1st, 2021. Paperbacks should be available on March 9th from online retailers, and are available now from Harlequin’s website.

Second Chance Cowboy will also be on the shelves in Walmart stores starting April 13th as part of a special western promotion. That’s kind of fun for me, because normally Harlequin Heartwarming books are only sold online. My closest Walmart is an hour’s drive away, but I will make the trek to see my book there after April 13th!

Second Chance Cowboy was really fun to write. Emily Fielding is a veterinarian who appears in most of my other Heroes of Shelter Creek books. I’ve wanted her to find love for some time now, but could never figure out who she’d fall for. She’s very smart and independent and extremely dedicated to her work. She has her own veterinary practice and also treats injured animals at the Shelter Creek Wildlife Center. How was she even going to have time to fall in love?

That’s when I saw Wes Marlow, walking down the street in Shelter Creek. All I knew at first was that he was a veterinarian, too, and that Emily didn’t want to work with him. But why? My imagination had the answers. Not only did he break her heart, but she feels that he betrayed her family!

Once I had that conflict in place, the story took off. From the moment Emily crawled along the sidewalk, peeking out from behind her car to see if this stranger swaggering down Main Street really was Wes Marlow, the book took on a quirky, sweet energy. Sheep were mentors. A theater-obsessed rancher quoted Shakespeare. A special horse demanded Emily’s love and care. A bald eagle needed rescuing.

And the spark between Wes and Emily was still there, even after all the years they spent apart.

I hope you enjoy reading Second Chance Cowboy as much as I enjoyed writing it! As always, thank you for following my blog and reading my books.

Happy reading and take good care!

~ Claire McEwen

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