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Turning Lemons to Lemonade at Barnes & Noble

Life is what we make it, right? Turning lemons into lemonade is a real thing, a life skill we should teach our kids because in real life things go wrong all the time. That was the case yesterday when my fellow author and friend Heatherly Bell and I went to Barnes and Noble in Gilroy, California, to do a book signing.

We were celebrating the release of Heatherly’s new book, This Baby Business, which came out in e-book form today and will be released October 3rd in paperback. We were also hoping to promote our upcoming anthology release, Falling for You, Ten Small Town Romance Novellas.

But first Barnes & Noble forgot to order our books for the signing. Oops! We decided to go ahead and sign anyway because we could always sell books on consignment.

Then they placed us at this very odd small table by the front door magazine racks, so we looked like the store greeters. People came in, returned our greetings, gave us uncertain smiles, and walked on by. A few kids stopped to partake of the chocolate we offered, a few folks stopped by to discuss stories they were hoping to write someday, but that was about it.

The store manager promised to make some store announcements explaining who were were, and what we were doing there, but that didn’t happen either, though we did remind her a couple times. I think she was just really busy.

Despite so many things going wrong, a lot of good stuff happened. I was able to encourage some people to get started on their own writing projects. I hope they will! And we were fortunate to have Heatherly’s mom and her dear friend cheering us on. They attend all of Heatherly’s local events and I and crazy about these women. Kind, creative, welcoming, nurturing, funny, smart and spunky. In other words, role models!

Lemons into lemonade.

Luckily Heatherly is a goofball, and she brings out the goofball in me. So we decided to make a Facebook live video, my first. Since we had no plan, it turned into a rather rambling video, but it has some fun moments. You can watch it here on my Facebook Page.

We laughed and talked and giggled and discussed future book plans. Despite our initial frustrations, it turned into such a lovely two hours that we lost track of time. When we finally looked at the clock, it was twenty minutes past our four o’clock finish!

No books were sold. I don’t think I managed to give away a single Falling for You promotional postcard. But we had some laughs and spent fun time together and that’s a pretty good way to send Heatherly’s new book out into the world!

And if you are interested in celebrating her new book and our new anthology with us, please join our Octoberfest Facebook Group here. It’s an ongoing fall festival with tons of guest authors, giveaways and a really nice community of people stopping by to check in.

Happy Fall! Happy October! And don’t forget to turn those lemons into lemonade! Or lemon water, another personal favorite, with less calories!

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